Top Control Concepts

The single most stable pinning position is side mount. This is because in side mount my spine is perpendicular to my opponents spine. The more my spine becomes parallel to my opponents spine the less stable my pin becomes. For instance most BJJ practitioners would agree that side mount is much more stable than full mount. This is not to say that full mount is not good. Once my spine becomes parallel to my opponents it takes much less effort to roll me one way or the other. There are no real threats of being swept while in side mount as long as it’s being performed correctly. Your opponent has to fight to regain some form of guard which is more taxing to their energy.

Most people attribute top control to body weight and strength. This is not true. Body position and technique are much more reliable. To be more specific I need to use my body to wedge my opponent into position. For example my knees can wedge into the hips and shoulders Or my arms wedge under the head and shoulders etc. If I’m able to wedge my opponents head, shoulders, and hips while maintaining a perpendicular body position I can control them with very little effort. Always keep in mind that we only have so much energy so being technical and conserving that energy is vital. Especially if you are on top. Being on top we can afford to take a little more time and drain our opponents energy and make them uncomfortable. This will create much more opportunities to end the fight via submission.

Body position and wedges are the key to controlling my opponent from top position. Your opponent will inevitably start to frame and use under hooks to get inside of your wedges. This is the battle. Whoever can control the inside of their opponent will win this battle. This is were we have to be more tenacious and not except anything less than the inside control (under-hooks, cross-face, hip wedging). He who wins the grip battle wins the position battle. Whoever wins the position battle usually wins the fight. Focus on getting to the dominant position and making your opponent tired and uncomfortable. This will make the submission present it self, Rather than forcing the submission and burning all your energy and giving up position.

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